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Hello and welcome to the Shoc Board Systems consumer retail website!  Thank you so much for your interest in our innovative products designed for a wide range of ESK8 board platforms!

The preorder sale that opened and began in October 2023 and continued through December 2023 is now officially closed.  Although we had many excited customers placing preorders for our products, we did not achieve the required threshold preorder quantities to enable a start of the mass production manufacturing process for the first run of inventory dedicated to retail sales.

Please don’t be discouraged!  We are implementing new and more conventional measures to secure the first run of available inventory for retail sales in 2024!  Our goal and estimation are to have products in stock by this summer, just in time for peak season fun and all your ESK8 adventures!  We will also be communicating updates this spring via our newsletter and notifications contact list, so don’t forget to sign up at the bottom of our homepage to stay informed directly.

And as a reminder to our preorder customers – everyone that placed a preorder will automatically be in the ‘front of the line’ once we have products available and those customers will have first choice to confirm the sale then be first to get their items shipped!

Also, we will be attending ESK8CON 2024 April 5th-7th in Las Vegas NV as an official vendor, so please stop by our booth to check out our amazing products with a hands and feet on experience allowing you to demo our performance enhancing technology on several name brand boards!

Thanks!  - David & Beth


SHOCBOX Belt Drive
SHOCBOX Belt Drive
SHOCBOX Belt Drive
SHOCBOX Belt Drive

SHOCBOX Belt Drive

DKP & TKP Compatible

  • 60/70 - degree preload (180-220lbs)
  • 50/60 degree preload (160-200lbs)
  • 40/50 degree preload (120-160lbs)
  • 30/40 degree preload (80-120lbs)

The SHOCBOX Belt Drive is sold as a complete system. The PIVOT AXLE configuration (preload value) is selected before adding the product to the cart (choose the preload value aka size, then click to add to cart).

NOTE: Advanced riders and / or aggressive riders may benefit by choosing a preload configuration of greater value than the recommend preload by weight given above. Example - a 150 lb rider with advanced skills may choose a 50/60-degree preload above the recommended 40/50-degree recommendation, or a 170 lb rider with advanced skills may choose a 60/70-degree preload above the recommended 50/60-degree preload configuration, etc.

  • 6061 T6 Aluminum CNC
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum CNC / Pivot Axle Component
  • Black Anodization
  • 40CR Steel Axle Components (replaceable)
  • Chrome Silicon Torsion Springs / Nickel Plated
  • Enduro 3800 LLU MAX Double Row Pivot Bearings
  • MJF 3D Nylon-12 Motor Gear Covers
  • 40mm Suspension Travel / Independent
  • 350mm / 13.5" Axle Width
  • DKP / TKP System Compatibility
  • 6 lb / 2720 g
  • Most Common DKP/TKP Longboard Setups --- SBS DKP / SBS TKP Available for Purchase Separately for Guaranteed Compatibility 
    • Confirmed Platforms:
    EVOLVE Hadean (Bamboo & Carbon), EVOLVE GTR, MBoards Endurance, MEEPO Hurricane Series (Several Variants), OWNBOARD Bamboo or Carbon Zeus Pro, OWNBOARD Bamboo AT Pro, VESTAR Black Hawk 2.0, VESTAR Osprey Carbon, WOWGO AT2/AT2 Plus, B-ONE Hercules Carbon (2wd), PROPEL Pivot GT and Pivot S (2wd), BACKFIRE Hammer Sledge (2wd), SHABOARDZ Summit v3 and Summit XT v2, and TYNEE explorer
    [compatibility with many other board platforms possible, however not currently confirmed if unlisted]
    • Most 63/68 to 63/84 Motors,  Some 65/74 Motors, (Reacher 64/85 with Included Adaptor Plate)
    • Confirmed Fit / Use with 66T, 60T, 58T, 40T Belt Drive Pulleys (for HTD 5M Type Belt Systems)
    • Complete Pair (Front and Rear) of CNC Trucks & Functional Preassembled Integral Components (DKP/TKP upper assembly pivot and base plate not included – SBS DKP / SBS TKP sold separately if needed for compatibility)
    • Pair of Drive Belts for 66T, 60T, & 40T Pulleys
    • Pair of MJF 3D Nylon-12 Motor Gear Covers
    • Additional Bearing Washer/Spacers for Different Wheel Platform Configurations
    • Pre-load Handle Tool
    • Extra Set of Travel-Stop & Dampening Bushings


    Introducing the SHOCBOX for Belt Drive E-boards! The first of its kind ESK8 product to offer the beneficial feature of a genuine suspension system for the E-board you already own or are purchasing. Experience a leap forward in capability and comfort with our SHOCBOX Belt Drive independent suspension system by transforming almost any brand name Belt Drive E-board to a more advanced performance all-terrain platform.*

    The SHOCBOX Belt Drive is a patent pending true suspension system providing 40mm of sprung independent wheel travel for ESK8 Belt Drive platforms.

    Made from 6061 T6 & 7075 T6 Aluminum CNC Black Anodized main body components, the SHOCBOX is strong and reasonably lightweight only adding about 4lbs to a typical E-board.

    The SHOCBOX utilizes a configuration of Chrome Silicon Torsion Springs concealed inside a centralized ‘box’ component with an innovative truck assembly design allowing for a ‘clean’ and condensed suspension system that is a unique and ideal nexus of form and function.

    The SHOCBOX also has the feature of being compatible with original factory DKP/TKP truck pivot and base plate configurations and a nearly universal ability to ‘plug and play’**.

    The system offers quick installation onto a board with easy removal of the factory truck hangers without having to remove the original factory truck pivot and base plates. Simply take the existing hangers, wheels, and motors off the board, install the SHOCBOX on the factory DKP or TKP pivot and base plate components, reattach the wheels and motors – done!

    Three different sets of Drive Belt lengths will also be included with the system to cover a common range of different wheel and wheel pulley sizes.***

    The SHOCBOX boasts another feature with the implementation of replaceable wheel axles. Four independent high-strength alloy steel wheel axles are seated inside precise 10mm bores and secured utilizing a fastener at each separate axle location allowing for easy removal and installation. There are options for the more common 8mm wheel-hub bearing setup and the less common 10mm wheel-hub bearing setup (selected during checkout). New wheel axle sets are also available as a separate purchase to change axle preferences or to replace a damaged axle.

    *see compatible E-board platform list and details in the drop-down menu under the purchase selection with the heading ‘COMPATIBILITY’

    **compatible DKP & TKP Truck Pivot and Base Plate assemblies are available for purchase separately here, SBS DKP / SBS TKP, or from the home page drop-down menu if the E-board intended for use is not currently compatible with the SHOCBOX

    ***see belt size details in the drop-down menu under the purchase selection with the heading ‘INCLUDED’