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Hello and welcome to the Shoc Board Systems consumer retail website!  Thank you so much for your interest in our innovative products designed for a wide range of ESK8 board platforms!

The preorder sale that opened and began in October 2023 and continued through December 2023 is now officially closed.  Although we had many excited customers placing preorders for our products, we did not achieve the required threshold preorder quantities to enable a start of the mass production manufacturing process for the first run of inventory dedicated to retail sales.

Please don’t be discouraged!  We are implementing new and more conventional measures to secure the first run of available inventory for retail sales in 2024!  Our goal and estimation are to have products in stock by this summer, just in time for peak season fun and all your ESK8 adventures!  We will also be communicating updates this spring via our newsletter and notifications contact list, so don’t forget to sign up at the bottom of our homepage to stay informed directly.

And as a reminder to our preorder customers – everyone that placed a preorder will automatically be in the ‘front of the line’ once we have products available and those customers will have first choice to confirm the sale then be first to get their items shipped!

Also, we will be attending ESK8CON 2024 April 5th-7th in Las Vegas NV as an official vendor, so please stop by our booth to check out our amazing products with a hands and feet on experience allowing you to demo our performance enhancing technology on several name brand boards!

Thanks!  - David & Beth




electric skateboard (e-board), handle and binding
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum CNC
  • Black Anodization
  • Enduro 608 LLU MAX Pivot Bearings
  • Custom TPE Hand/Foot Grip – Shore 40A Single Clamp-on Configuration (22mm ID)
  • MJF 3D Nylon-12 Detent Lever
  • 1lb 8 oz / 690 g
  • Most Longboard Kingpin Truck Baseplate Platforms (DKP, TKP, & RKP)
  • Other Common Single-Clamp 22mm ID Grips (several different mountain bike style single-clamp grips can be used instead of the included SBS custom grip; many have been tested, however no claims are being made to determine guaranteed fitment of name brands or models)
  • Flat, Drop-Down, and Variable Concave Longboard Decks (Carbon, Composite, and Wood)
  • Not Compatible with Mountain Board Type Platforms (up-turned nose & tail with channel-type trucks)
  • One Preassembled Control/Utility Handle Assembly (Grip is placed on assembly for shipping however is not secured to allow for convenient optimized personal repositioning of individual riders/operators – tightening the grip into a determined position must be implemented during or after installation on the board before use/operation)
  • Three Different Lengths/Sets of Baseplate Board Screws with Nylon-Insert Locknuts (1.5”, 2”, 2.25” x10-32 sets of four each with locknuts)
  • Pair of 5mm Spacers & Pair of 10mm Spacers (four total spacers)


Introducing the TRICK-STICK for E-boards! The first of its kind ESK8 product to offer the advantage of a utility handle and foot control point together in one innovative system. Experience improved convenience and capability with our TRICK-STICK dual-use grip and transform almost any name brand E-board to a more advanced performance ESK8 platform.

The TRICK-STICK is a patent pending hand and foot control system for ESK8 platforms featuring a custom grip pivot.

Made from 6061 T6 Aluminum CNC Black Anodized main body components, the TRICK-STICK is strong and reasonably lightweight only adding about 1.5lbs to an E-board.*

The TRICK-STICK features simple installation onto the top plate of nearly every ESK8 name brand truck assembly with a universal mounting screw pattern employed in the design. Each kit will include three complete sets of screw fastener lengths to accommodate different board deck dimensions.**

The TRICK-STICK pivoting custom grip can be repositioned to five different secured locations using a detent lever mechanism.

There are two opposed 45-degree outboard settings allowing the rider to use the grip as a handle for pulling the board around in ‘pedestrian mode’; these 45-degree locations can be positioned on either side of the board to facilitate a preferred walking stance (right or left).

The centered outboard location is a ‘passive’ position for securing the grip out of the way when the system is not in use.

The two opposed 15-degree inboard settings are used to position the grip above the foot instep, functioning as a control point to allow manipulation of the board while riding; each 15-degree position is a preference for rider orientation regarding a ‘regular’ or ‘goofy’ stance.

The inboard locations of the grip (comparable to a foot binding) enable a rider to perform advanced maneuvers like bunny hops, wheelies, and much higher drops. The inboard grip locations can also give the rider a greater amount of steering control and assist stability by providing more dependable contact with the board deck.

The custom grip is formed from 40A TPE to produce a ‘sticky and soft’ material optimized for gripping with hands and sustaining contact friction against a shoe instep. The grip is a single lock-on clamp configuration and can be secured into position with a slightly pitched angle to match the riders foot profile more comfortably and effectively.

The TRICK-STICK will be supplied with a set of 5mm spacers and 10mm spacers which can be used individually or coupled together to provide 15mm of additional height to customize installation for diverse boards and riders.

The TRICK-STICK also has an adjustable inboard and outboard placement position of up to 25mm with a sliding top plate function for further customization and compatibility with different board profiles and dimensions.

*the weight of one TRICK-STICK assembly unit only

** see screw size and quantity details in the drop-down menu under the purchase selection to the right with the heading ‘INCLUDED’